Aladin MVP670 – Gastro (check models)

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Welcome to the Aladin MVP670 Show.
There are some beautiful, exclusive and attractive hookahs to be seen here. The main specialty of the MVP670 is definitely its unique blend between delicate elegance and massive brutality.
With a height of 670mm, it definitely belongs to the segment of large hookahs, but is still super handy to handle.
The massive and artfully decorated glass can only be damaged with the greatest effort and leaves a very special impression both visually and qualitatively. The smoke column is also an absolute eye-catcher. The engravings matched to the glass give this top class model a very special flair.
Of course, all models in this series are equipped with all accessories and functions. This includes an innovative head set and a handy hose nest as well as a practical closed chamber system, an adjustable diffuser and ground joint adapter on the plate and hose.

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Material: stainless steel
Size: 67 cm
Headset: Mockingbird + Optimus Eco (E800-ECOs)
Hose connections: 1 connection
Expandable: On 2 hoses

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