Aladin Hookah MVP 670 M1 – Flower

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The MVP 670 is a big hookah with V2A stainless steel and great features. It offers you a high level of quality at a fair price and despite its size the MVP 670 is a beautiful eye-catcher. Out of the box 4 hose connectors are equipped.

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The MVP 670 hookah from Aladin is a big, eye-catching hookah at a fair price.

No wishes remain left with its generous and modern equipment.

Due to its size of 67cm, the MVP 670 is definitely a large model. It perfectly combines a clean design with its size and the elegant bases to look as striking as it is. In addition the hookah excites with its awesome draft. Ground joints also allow you a quick assembly and disassembly. The 18/8 grind connection between the column and the bowl adapter opens the chance to attach a suitable molasses catcher as a personal highlight on your MVP 670.

Hidden in the body there is a closed-chamber system that allows you to blow stale smoke out of the base with ease. The diffuser on the dip tube can be adjusted and also removed, allowing you to influence the noise level. The dip tube itself is adjustable in length to change the amount of water and the draw. Out of the box, the MVP 670 is equipped with 4 hose connectors that have a 18/8 ground-joint.

In addition to the hookah itself, you have a silicone hose set, as well as a chimney set directly included in the package.
The hose set consists of an softtouch silicone hose with aluminum handle and a spring to protect the hose from kinking.
The chimney set consists of the Aladin Optimus Eco and a Mockingbird attachment.

Size: 67cm without bowl

The valve-ball has a diameter of 10mm.

– high quality V2A stainless steel
– silicone hose set with kink protection
– adjustable diffuser
– 18/8 ground joints
– closed chamber
– charcoal tong
– chimney set

General notice:
Small air bubbles inside the glass may occur, what does not affect the function of the hookah. Accordingly, this is not a reason for complaint.
Each glass is unique and has an individual color gradient, so the product may differ from the picture.


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