KS Patron – Polar

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The KS PATRON Polar is a unique phunnel from KS. The massive tobacco bowl is made in Germany and is elaborately handcrafted.

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The KS Original PATRON tobacco bowl is known for its unmistakable quality and timeless design. The massive KS PATRON provides the optimal smoking properties thanks to its even heat distribution. As a result, you need less tobacco for a long-lasting taste experience. The tobacco depot and the outside are colored glazed. The KS PATRON stone bowl is a purely natural product and consists of a special clay-stone formula. It is therefore 100% fire-resistant.

The capacity is about 18-25 grams of tobacco. The large hole enables first-class performance and the roughened KS typical edge enables the perfect fit for all common HMD attachments as well as for aluminum foil.

Color: blue and black

Height: approx. 11.6 cm
Diameter tobacco depot: approx. 7cm
Depth of tobacco depot: approx. 1.2 cm

A notice:
The head is made from natural materials, making each bowl unique. Accordingly, each color gradient is different and can deviate from the picture. This is not a reason for complaint. The head may have small quirks or color spots as it is handcrafted. This is also not a reason for a complaint.


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