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An excellent phunnel bowl from Kalifa. The black base color is caused by a special mixture of stone and clay. Perfectly suited for Heat Management Devices HMD. The Kalifa Phunnel is made in Germany.

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With the Kalifa Phunnel Bowl you get a super phunnel bowl with special material mixture.
The dark color of the bowl isĀ also defined by the mixture of stone and clay. This mixture also gives the Kalifa Phunnel Bowl its great heat management. The bowl is made in Germany and handcrafted.

The outer diameter and the diameter of the glazed depot allow the use of a Heat Management Device, HMD for short, because that is exactly what the Kalifa Bowl is designed for.
A straightforward setup with HMD attachment and a long smoking time with intense flavor. Of course, you can also use the Kalifa Phunnel Bowl with aluminum foil.

Height: approx. 12cm
Diameter outside: approx. 7,5cm
Diameter inside: approx. 7cm
Depth: approx. 1,1cm

General notice:
Clay is a natural product, so each bowl is unique. Accordingly, each color gradient is also unique and may differ from the picture. This is not a reason for complaint.


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