Werkbund Hookah Tonkopf Spot 2.0

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The Werkbund Phunnel Spot is made from 3 different types of clay and goes through 3 firing processes to perfectly stabilize and harden the head. No dyes were used. The color of the head is the natural color of the different types of clay.

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4 months of research and development were needed to produce this tape head. The result was a product that perfectly distributes the heat. The sound quality in particular is always convincing with all Werkbund products.

With the Phunnel bowls, lotus-like attachments such as the Amy Smokebox can be used perfectly, but of course the bowls also work very well with aluminum foil. The Werkbund Phunnel bowls differ only slightly in color but mainly in the depth of the tobacco depot. The Phunnel Flat is the flattest head in the Werkbund Phunnel series. The deepest head is the Phunnel Deep. Between the two lies the Phunnel Spot. This allows everyone to decide for themselves how large the tobacco depot should be. Because this influences the head structure and above all the tobacco consumption.

Every single Werkbund product is handmade and is therefore unique. As a result, the shape and color of the head may differ from the illustration. In addition, each head is marked with the Werkbund logo, the initials of the head and a production number.


  • Width: about 6.5cm
  • Height: about 8cm
  • Depth of tobacco depot: approx. 1.8 cm


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