Shisha Complete Set Pro with Aladin MVP 670 – Flower

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The Shisha complete set Aladin MVP 360 Clear consists of:

  • the Shisha MVP 670 V2A stainless steel smoke column with lots of equipment and 4 connections
  • the Ziryab charcoal lighter TOSTI
  • TOM COCO Gold 1kg Natural Charcoal
  • Cleaner4Everyone Hookah Cleaner 300ml
  • Cleaning brush for stem
  • HMD matt
  • Aladdin Hookah – Biggie Phunnel (available matching color will be added)

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Description of the Aladin MVP 670 Flower

With the MVP 670 hookah from Aladin you get a large hookah that catches the eye at a fair price.

Thanks to their generous and modern facilities, nothing is left to be desired.

With its size of 67cm, the MVP 670 is definitely one of the large shishas. It perfectly combines a simple design with its size and the elegant glasses, making it a real eye-catcher. In addition, it scores with a particularly light and pleasant draft. Ground connections also allow you to set up and dismantle quickly. With the 18/8 cut for the head adapter, you can also attach a corresponding molasses catcher to give your MVP 670 a personal touch.

A closed chamber system is hidden in the base, which allows you to easily blow stale smoke out of the bowl. The diffuser on the immersion tube can be adjusted and removed, which allows you to influence the noise level. The immersion tube itself is adjustable in length in order to be able to change the amount of water and the suit. The MVP 670 is equipped with 4 hose connections with 18/8 cut.

In addition to the shisha itself, you have a silicone hose set and a chimney head set in the package.
The hose set consists of an antistatic silicone hose with an aluminum mouthpiece and anti-kink protection.
The chimney head set consists of the Aladin Optimus Eco and a Mockingbird attachment.

Height: 67cm without head

The valve ball used has a diameter of 10mm.

– high-quality V2A stainless steel
– 18/8 ground connections
– adjustable diffuser
– silicone hose set
– closed chamber
– chimney head set
– coal tongs

General note:
It can always happen that there are small air bubbles in the bowl, which do not affect the function of the shisha. Accordingly, this is not a reason for complaint.
Each glass is unique and has an individual color gradient. As a result, the product may differ from the image.

Description of the Ziryab charcoal lighter TOSTI

The charcoal lighter Ziryab is ideal for lighting charcoal quickly and reliably.

The Electric Charcoal Lighter is similar to a toaster and can heat many coals at once. The coals are heated from all sides at the same time, so they glow faster than with a standard coal lighter

The charcoal lighter can be switched on and off with a switch on the front

Dimensions: approx. 20cm x 10cm x 15cm

Description for TOM COCO Gold 1kg

Made in Indonesia, the coconut shell charcoal offers a long burn time and is biodegradable.

The TOM COCO Gold has a burning time of approx. 95 minutes.

Content: 1kg

Description of the Shisha cleaner Cleaner4Everyone

The Cleaner 4Everyone in the spray bottle is the ideal water pipe cleaner.
Due to the high concentration, it is very productive and fat-dissolving and is therefore ideal for making the shisha shine again with little work.
Just a few sprays and one to three minutes exposure time are enough to remove smoke deposits and bad smells.

After cleaning, all parts of the shisha should be rinsed with clear, warm (not hot) water to remove any residue of the cleaner.

Content: 300ml

Description for Aladin Shisha Biggie Phunnel 

The Aladin Biggie Phunnel is a massive stone bowl with a generous tobacco depot. The material stores and distributes the heat optimally so that the taste can develop evenly. Thanks to the glaze, cleaning is quick and easy.

The Aladin Phunnels impress with their high quality and their timeless design. In our online shop you can get them in 2 different sizes and several colors.

Material: clay/stone
Height: approx
. 10.5 cm Diameter: approx. 7 cm
Depth: approx . 1.5 cm

A notice:

Please understand that for legal reasons we are not allowed to offer tobacco in sets or at reduced prices


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