HMD Bloom

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If you want to up your shisha game, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do so is to upgrade to a heat management device. Also known as heat management systems or HMDs, heat management devices sit above a hookah bowl and replace the traditional foil or chimney set. Hookah heat management devices offer a superior smoking experience by providing the shisha smoker with control over the burn-rate of the hookah- coal using variable vents that can be opened and closed. This means that you can control the temperature that the coal burns at, and therefore the intensity and smoothness of the shisha tobacco.


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  • Control the airflow and burn-rate of hookah charcoal
  • Safer to use as burning shisha coals are fully enclosed and cannot fall out
  • Easily rotate hookah coals to prevent hotspots from developing
  • Hookah charcoal is raised higher from the top of shisha tobacco mix, allowing better airflow
  • Less wastage of shisha charcoal


Customer Will Receive 1 HMD (Bowl not included)


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